Brewstars an official selection in Pilot Light Festival

Brewstars is an official selection of the Pilot Light Festival in Manchester, England.

About Pilot Light Festival 

We are Pilot Light TV Festival! The UK's new festival of TV & Web Series, Season 2 takes place 4th-7th May 2017 in Manchester at HOME, Gorilla and Salford University's MediaCity venue. We are dedicated to celebrating the best in the past, present and future of TV & Web Series from around the world!
At Pilot Light TV Festival we pride ourself in the mission to discover the next generation of talent in episodic story telling. We aim to give the creators behind these projects the platform to get their TV Pilot or Web Series in front of Industry members and TV fans. Through opening submissions to get these projects onto the big screen as part of our official festival selection, we hope to find the next of the likes of Broad City, Breaking Bad and The Office.

Deep in Post Production on Brewstars

The clock is ticking and we are more then half way through Post Production on our webseries pilot Brewstars. 

Filming went fantastic and we nailed everything I wanted in 1.5 days which worked out perfectly. It all went pretty flawlessly actually. The only regret being that we should have ordered 10 pizza's like my Producer wanted instead of 7 like I suggested. Oh well. No one went totally hungry. 

The pilot is good, I am happy with it, and wouldn't really change much if I had the opportunity. I got all the coverage I wanted and everyone did a great job in their performances. 

Can I just talk about my cast for a second. Fantastic and fun people, there were so many jokes, and so much laughing it was super fun positive experience for everyone. So glad they agreed to do it, and hope we get to make more. 

Here is a little teaser