"You are my sunshine"

Table Read

Aug 16th - 8pm - 10pm

Havana Theater - 1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC .



Two life long friends decide the ensuing apocalypse is the best time to fulfill their dead friends final wish of delivering her ashes to Drake’s house. On their journey they must fight together through a world gone mad but their mission and friendship comes into jeopardy when old secrets are exposed

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Ryan Curtis

"You are my sunshine" was written to be produced as Ryan's first feature film. Ryan comes from a career in Film and Visual effects. A multi hyphenate he is a writer, director, VFX supervisor winning many awards for work on short films and webseries. 

  • Drama/comedy
  • 110 page
  • Written to be Ultra-low Budget
  • Limited cast
  • Target Audience 18-30


  • Canadian Content
  • 3 young leads
  • Supporting characters are Stunt castable
  • International appeal



Table Readers


Seating is very limited. Please RSVP if you will be attending. 

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