Short film Overview


After winning the title championship a successful wrestler struggles with depression as his real world responsibilities come crashing down around him. Fighting with undiagnosed depression and treading water financially his efforts are made harder by an animated version of his self doubt terrorizing him until he finds himself on the edge of something drastic.


  • Drama
  • Working Title: Spandex Superhero
  • Short film Approx 20min
  • Character study dealing with depression
  • Like: The Wrestler meets Office Space


Our drama joins the life of amature wresting champ Ravenous Randy Myers just as he wins the title belt. Expecting the belt to change how he feels about life Randy finds great disappointment the next day when he wakes to find he feels exactly the same,. which is to say depressed. Supported emotionally by his loving and warm girlfriend Gina he can’t understand why he doesn’t feel success like he thought he would. Gina herself is struggling to cope with why Randy is always “sad” regardless of the amount of support and love she pours on him.

In an effort to once again show Randy how much she cares Gina presents Randy with a framed picture of a cartoon drawing he did of Harold the Hare. Randy is outwardly thankful, but internally he is petrified at the sight of it. Harold the Hare isn’t a cute little drawing Randy did, but a literal depiction of the self doubt that has haunted Randy most of his life. The character will become corporeal and popup at the worst times to goad and belittle Randy, eventually driving him to brink.

Depression isn’t the only thing that is eating Randy away, the recent death of his father looms literally over his head in the form of his late fathers guitar collect he mounted on the wall. The guitars ( Randy’s treasure) are brought into jeopardy by the need for money. Up to their ears in bills Randy makes the ultimate sacrifice by selling one of his fathers guitars to help out. Gina is hesitant that he make such drastic move but Randy is willing. Gina plants a seed of hope when she tells Randy that maybe he can buy them back once he hears back from the wrestling organizations in Mexico and Japan; to whom he sent in his highlight reel.

The audience will find out near our climax that there is only one problem with this plan., Randy didn’t send his reels. The weight of keeping this shameful secret has really begun to take its toll on him but it is undetermined which is the greater shame, not having enough courage to mail the letters or not having enough courage to tell his wife.

We follow Randy to his mundane office job where he is abused by his middle management boss. Others (like his coworker Jason) seem to be able to get away with murder but for some reason Randy gets ridden hard by his foil Gary the weaselly worm of an Assistant to the floor manager in his call center. It’s clear from the get go that Gary has it out for Randy, although the history between them is never really revealed we know enough to tell that Gary is doing everything he can to get Randy to break. Gary actions are made more frustrating by the fact that he does the speaking for the Floor manager Sandra who doesn’t leave her office. Sandra is only seen peering through the blinds, watching the floor like a creepy bird lady.

Randy isn’t alone at work, he has his good friend Harold the Hare to keep him company. Harold known for his impeccable timing is always there to kick Randy when he is down. The astute viewer will notice that Harold has changed from when we first saw him, he has grown. In fact Harold, continues to grow throughout the movie, and eventually when everything goes to shit and Randy is literally standing on the edge, we see that Harold has grown to Randy’s size.

The wrestling is used as an allegory for dealing with depression.  You have the hero defeating the bad guy, then you have the turn and the bad guy gets the upperhand, then they both struggle and eventually the good guy,. through sheer will and determination prevails. Usually. Then you ring a bell and start the whole thing over again. And this is where our movie takes us, the highs of winning the championship to the lows standing on the edge of a bridge. Will Randy have enough in him to get back in the ring?



Ravenous Randy Myers:

A early 30’s semi-professional wrestler who wins the title. Generally Randy is a great guy, lots of fun, great sense of humour, he is always dressing crazy and has multicolored hair most of the time. He wears his personality on his sleeve. A heart of gold Randy is always helping out charity events and puts his fans above all else.

After his father untimely death Randy is having trouble dealing depression. Even with a adoring fans and a loving wife at home Randy can not get past this cycle of depression. Randy is forced to Work a dead end job that he hates just because it offers the medical insurance he needs to keep wrestling.


Gina Myers

The loving wife of Randy, Gina herself early 30’s is trying desperately to “cheer him up”. Working 6 days a week as a part time waitress, part time student Gina doesn’t earn much money and relies on Randy to bring home the lions share to support their life.


Harold the Hare

A cartoon animated rabbit that has haunted Randy most of his life. Harold only shows up when the cycle of depression starts again. He is a real sonuvabitch that knows all Randy’s secret thoughts and uses them against him. He brings up shameful things and slaps Randy across the face with them. He is the reason why Randy hasn’t done more with his life. He is boisterous, rude, mean and has a twisted sense of humor.



Short Man with a big attitude. Gary is one of those middle management worms that for some reason hasn’t been squashed yet. Somehow he managed to get in a position of modicum power at the insurance call center that Randy works, Gary is in tight with the mysterious Floor Manager Sandra. Why Gary hates Randy more than life itself is not entirely clear. It could be that he doesn’t like his multicoloured hair or alternative life style (wrestling?) but what is clear that he wants Randy gone. Think of Gary as having the  affable personality of a Dwight Schrute with the swag of a Les Nessman.



The less we know about her the better. A creepy Floor manager at an insurance call center. Since her divorce 6 years ago she doesn’t really come out of her office much, doesn’t take calls and never books meetings.  She is only seen peeking through the blinds watching everyone,.,. always watching like a creepy bird woman. She exclusively talks through Gary,. or so Gary would have you believe.



The coolest guy in the whole office,.......of stuffy insurance nerds. He is also the funniest guy in the office. Oh man, one time it was someones birthday and we had a cake and after the singing Jason made this huge fart noise.,. like in front of everyone. and everyone nearly died laughing.

Jason and Randy are the closest things to friends as Randy has at work. Jason cares about his wrestling and thinks it cool. He even came out to a few matches. Jason is that Teflon guy at the office. Nothing sticks to him, he can make crude sexist jokes, tell Gary to F’Off or even talk to Sandra and get excused for being late and never gets in trouble.  He doesn’t know it but Randy kinda hates him for this. Randy gets picked on for everything.



Randy’s biggest fan, Amy a girl with special needs becomes Randy’s saving grace. Her devotion and smile are what remind Randy when he is standing on the brink that when someone commits suicide they are taking more with them then just themselves.


Our Short Film Team

Crew - Spandex Superhero (working title)


Director - Ryan Curtis

First time director Ryan Curtis brings plenty of first hand knowledge of film/television making after spending years in the Visual Effect Department. Working on the set of some of the biggest Television productions in town Ryan took a keen interest on how everyone comes together for a production. VFX Supervisor / Coordinator brings with it a unique position of working concurrently on all three stages of filmmaking, Pre Production, Production and Post. Here experience comes hard and fast and Ryan navigates his way through all these step by keeping central to the mantra that everything has to keep the story central.

Ryan has taken role to the next level by stepping up into the Directors chair on Spandex Superhero.

“I want to tell a story that people haven't seen before, yes.,. but I want to do it in a style that is unique to the character and the setting. My goal on this project is to walk away telling a story that visually affects people, and hopefully opens peoples eyes to depression and how powerful it can be.”


Director of Photography - Byron Kopman.

Growing up, I always had an appetite for the beauty of the filmed image. My passion for photography began in grade school, as my experience and skills grew, so did the audience and the sequences and the films became more widely known.

Knowing that film was my first love, I gained experience in the world of television, movies and music videos over the next ten years, finding my voice through light and sound.

With many years of experience on set, in many different roles within the camera and lighting departments, I have gained considerable knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking and I bring that level of expertise every time I participate in a new project


Screenwriter - Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan is an award winning Canadian Poet, Author and Performer. The world took notice of Shane Koyczan when his influential, anti-bullying, To This Day Project video went viral in early 2013 and has reached over 14 million views and counting. Shane is both a writer and spoken word virtuoso. His first published collection, Visiting Hours, was the only work of poetry selected by both the Guardian and the Globe and Mail for their Best Books of the Year lists in 2005. Destined to become a future classic, Visiting Hours is now in its third edition, and includes We Are More, performed by Shane at the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics.


A Camera Operator  - Stuart Gillies

Stuart Gillies. Spending his time between the UK, France and Canada, Stuart Gillies works with a variety of international clients.


Exec Producer / Writer  - Derek Hird / Theo Falcon
Derek originally got the story about the struggle between a man and his depression in his head a while ago. Unable to let it go he put pen to paper and a script started emerging. Working with co-writer Theo Falcone they hammered out a 12 page script based on Theo’s wrestling persona Ravenous Randy Myer.