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About this Company, and a little about me

Sigil Digital launched in Jan 2013 is a VFX/Production company that gives it's founder the opportunity to take on passion projects outside of the studio environment. Sigil has worked on some of the biggest Hollywood productions shooting in Vancouver down to no budget indie projects that just need a little help. Our mission is to provide quality and cost effective visual effects which directors to tell the stories they have envisioned.

Founder VFX Supervisor Ryan Curtis,  has racked up  hundreds broadcast hours on some of the biggest network shows on TV, he has worked on a couple features and even been awarded an Emmy citation for his work on Emmy award winning Gettysburg. Coming from an Editorial background Ryan has a keen understanding of pace, composition and quality. Relying on the thousands of hours experience on film sets and planning, pitching executing thousands of visual effects shots Ryan's supervision and leadership give the Director piece of mind for their vision and provides the VFX artist team a solid foundation of quality shots in which  they can create exceptional Visuals for every project. 

Hello Emmy.

Hello Emmy.

Having worked both as part of production as well a vendor we understand the concerns that budgets bring a to project, often limiting what can appear on screen versus what is on the page.  Sigil Digital strive's to find the most cost effective solutions while maintaining the highest quality production value in order to allow a director or producers to tell the story they envision. We are a big proponent of having the VFX team work closely with other departments such as SPFX, stunts, and Makeup to enhance or augment, allowing the production to go far beyond what they could afford with either of us on their own. 

 We provide services ranging anywhere from consulting on pre-production to scaling a full VFX team and building pipeline. 

2013 People Choice awards. Best Sci-fi, Best Fanbase

What does a VFX Supervisor do?

 Specific responsibilities vary somewhat depending on the nature of the production, however most supervisors:

  • Handle a VFX project from conception through to completion
  • Manage and direct the technical, artistic, and production personnel
  • Possess a knowledge of various visual effects techniques with emphasis on camera set-ups and film knowledge with an eye for composition and camera work.
  • Accurately predict timing and associated costs of project
  • Collaborate on the bidding and negotiation processes