Project Blue Book (A+E, History)
On-set VFX Supervisor (4 eps)

The Exorcist S2 ( Fox)
On-set VFX Supervisor (12 eps) 

Frequency Season 1 (CW/WB) 
On-set VFX Supervisor (12 Episodes)

Man in the High Castle - Season 2 (Amazon)
 On-set VFX Supervisor   (5 Episodes) 

Lucifer Season 1, Warner Bros / Fox
On-set VFX Supervisor (12 Eps)

  • Attend Production, VFX and Concept meetings for every episode
  • Break down episode into VFX shots
  • Create and publish VFX Tech memo
  • Provide on-set VFX Supervision for all VFX shots 
  • Obtain reference photos HDRI and Witness video for artists
  • Create Post update for each episode,  providing detailed Set Data

Supernatural season 8,9,10 Warner Brothers

On-Set VFX Coordinator (69 Episodes)

  • Attend Production, VFX and Concept meetings for every episode
  • Break down episode into VFX shots
  • Work with supervisor to layout Tech memo outlining VFX shots and needs to other departments
  • Provide on-set assistance to Supervisor on the day for every VFX shot
  • Supervise VFX shots when supervisor is not available
  • Gather set data and measurements 
  • Obtain reference photos and video for artists
  • Create Post update for each episode
  • Worked directly with A.Editors and Editors in Post-production
  • Populate shot tracker and provide notes to artists


Stargate Studios, Vancouver 2010 - 2012


VFX Editor / On-set VFX Coordinator

  • Attend Production / VFX and concept meetings with client
  • Assist Supervisor on-set during shooting with Camera/Lens data
  • Worked with the DIT and DP to ensure proper compression ratio for GS shots
  • Documented/Photographed set and set pieces
  • Provide coverage on-set when Supervisor is unable to attend

VFX Editor

  • VFX Editor for over 2500 VFX shots including 1 VES submission and 1 Emmy winning show.
  • Manage sequence and shot turnovers to VFX, documenting in detail the notes from supervisor about VFX work required for each shot.
  • Generate count sheets and plate line-up information, and translate data into the online shot tracking database.
  • Create Avid Reference sequences to represent supervisors creative intent for each shot, at correct frame length, for final delivery.
  • Update sequences with any changes to the cut and communicate changes to the VFX team.
  • Cut in VFX works in progress and finals into master cut sequences, confirm timing, line-ups, and that the work matches what was requested in shot turnover sheets.
  • Quality control checks of all VFX shots as shots are submitted for reviews.
  • Host any necessary VFX editorial review for VFX supervisors, producers
  • Maintain database of shot turnover sheets, as well as shot finals sheets, to be used as documentation for final conform.
  • Provide support to digital artists, as needed.
  • Ran dailies session in conjunction with 2 other studios.
  • Converted Ref and source footage material to a myriad of other codec
  •  Delivered temps and final Gold reel shots to client, including updated MXF's with EDL's

Previous Life 1994-2009

Fifteen years in the field of IT including positions such as

  • Senior Product Specialist
  •  Senior tech support
  •  Tech support
  •  Systems administrator


Knowledge AVID Nitris DS AVID Media Composer Cinesync Smedge Render Farm Sony Vegas