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A young boy discovers that he has a supernatural ability, unfortunately; so do others.


Q: Wait…WHAT?
A: Yup!!

Q: Is this for real?
A: Yes, and no. It’s a real fan made FAKE trailer. But no, it’s not a real movie/series.

Q: Who is Arthur Fonzarelli?
A: You may know him as The Fonz, or Fonzie from Happy Days. (No? ask your parents")

Q: Wait? Did I see…..
A: Could be, there are many Easter eggs hidden in there.

Q: At the start of the video you say “Jan 15, 1974” but it takes place in the 40’s.
A: Jan 15, 1974 was the day Happy Days first aired.

Q: Why did you make this?
A: Just for fun and as a film making exercise. It originally started as a Twitter joke where Ryan wrote a quick three page script that showed Arthur discovering his gift, and then revealing the character at the end.

Q: Are you going to make a whole movie/series about this?
A: Probably not. We don’t own the rights to the character, and therefore don’t feel it would be right to profit from it. A full show/series would be very expensive and time consuming.

Q: If the rights holder wanted to make this would you?
A: Hell yeah, @ me!

Q: Will this be shown in Film Festivals?
A: Possibly. We had to shoot full scenes to put together this trailer, so there is a short film as a result.

Q: What is Arthur’s Power? How did he get it, does his mother have it too? Are there others?
A: Dunno, sort of, yes.

Q: I thought Fonzie was cool, why isn’t he ‘cool” here. Where is the leather?
A: Great questions, our young Arthur has much growing to do. Perhaps with the help of the new friends he meets at the end of the trailer.

Q: What happens next?
A: Many exciting adventures for Arthur involving secret organizations, special abilities, corrupt government officials, gangs, grease-monkeys, dating and acne. A whole secret life needs to play out before we meet Arthur again in Milwaukee.

Q: Will we meet anyone else from the Happy-Daysa’verse?
A: Absolutely, but probably not who you are thinking of.

Q: Has Henry Winkler / Ron Howard seen this trailer?
A: Not yet, but I’ll update it if they do. (Fingers crossed)

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