Nominations and prizes for our 48hr Blood and Gutz horror contest

Sigil entered a team into the 2018 Blood and Gutz Horror film making contest. Of 40 teams each were tasked with writing, producing and finishing a horror type movie within 48hrs. There were three secret ingredients that we needed to incorporate that we only received at the last minute. It had to “Holiday” Themed, needed to showcase a Flashlight and we needed to have the phrase “What is that supposed to mean” in there some where.

We pulled together some old friends and shot Autumn 2006.

We were honored at the awards ceremony to find out not only that we were finalists but that we had been nominated for many awards.

Nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor (Pavel and Tyson), Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and won the award for BEST DIRECTOR.


You can watch our silly little movie right here.