We are making a movie!!

Super excited to announce that we are making a short film in 2015.

The current working title is Spandex Superhero and it revolves around a semi-pro wrestler who is dealing with depression.

Logline -

After winning the title championship a successful wrestler struggles with depression as his real world responsibilities come crashing down around him. Fighting with undiagnosed depression and treading water financially his efforts are made harder by an animated version of his self doubt terrorizing him until he finds himself on the edge of something drastic.

We just sent out the casting call and will be looking at local actors to fill the roles of:

Harold the Hare: A cartoon who shows up to chid and belittle Randy at the worst possible times.

Gina: Randy's partner who is stuck trying to figure out why he is so sad all the time.

Gary: Office manager dick

Sandra: Creepy bird lady who watches everyone at the office

Jason: Office smart ass

Security Guard: Nice man that smiles and loves Randy

Our hero character is played by the semi-pro wrestler and ECCW title champ Ravenous Randy Myers.