2D Cartoon Animator needed

We are looking for an artist to create a cartoon character and provide animation for our short film.

The character is Harold the Hare, a cartoon rabbit that is the embodiment of our main characters self doubt. Harold appears at the worst possible times and kicks our hero when he is down.

Our film is live action and we would like to add this animation seamlessly into our scenes. We will take care of the VFX part and tracking animation into the scene.

Harold will start small, but as the film progresses and our heros self doubt grows so will Harold until he is man sized. So we would want to see a slow progression of the character.

Style we are thinking similar to Ren and Stimpy, rough,. not particularly cute.

This is a big commitment, we are probably looking at 5-10 minutes of screen time, and as it is a indie feature there is no budget. Everyone in the production is volunteering their time. If fund raising is successful and we are able to pay everyone then that's great.

If you are interested please contact ryan@sigildigital.com with questions or ideas.